The RunYourWebsite Process

Our web design process is a key to us offering an amazing value. From planning to design to launch, we make sure every detail is taken care of. We keep you up to speed the entire time, and are ready to launch in no time.

The time and energy we spend is dedicated to the most important planning and design aspects, while our platform allows us to be efficient and automated in the appropriate places. And the results speak for themselves.

We Start with a Plan

Our process begins with a planning interview. As we ask you about your business and needs we learn important details and identify primary and secondary goals for your website. We get to know designs you like, so when it is time to design we create a look you will love.

Websites are not one size fits all, and only by listening can we come out with a clear written plan perfect for you. Once we send you the project plan, you approve it and we get started, or adjust it if any detail isn't perfect.

Design and Development

Once you have approved the website plan, we begin putting together the website structure and initial design. We add all the pages, configure all the advanced features, and make it look beautifyl.

Our project status report shows you all the steps and progress, what we need from you at each point, and allows you add the preliminary contents of each page to fit the goal identified in our plan.

Training and Launch

When your website is ready to launch we review it with you to make sure we got everything just right, and we give you a tour of our control panel making sure you know how to make any changes and use any features you need to.

We make sure you know how to ask us for assistance whenever you need it. Then we flip the switch and make your website live for the world to see!